Friday, 7 October 2016

Meet the team (ABC Create Change Cohort 5)

So when we said 'Meet Silminga + Gbansabinli' what we really meant is meet ABC Create Change Cohort 5. Ever since the UK volunteers arrived in Tamale we would have little kids run to us shouting 'Silminga Silminga hello Silminga' this basically means hello white foreigner. Gbansabinli on the other hand means an African native, so together we are Silminga+Gbansabinli creating change. We, Cohorts 5, are excited to work with Create Change, promoting female empowerment through educational development and clean water projects.
12 weeks. 7 volunteers. 2 team leaders.1 team. 1 aim. Tinye la Cohort Anu!!! (We are Cohort 5!!!).


Name: Dani Simkims [Team Leader]
Age: 24
Why ICS: I did ICS in India in 2014 and had an incredible 3 months. I wanted to come back to ICS as a team leader in Ghana now to help others to have such an amazing experience and gain skills and confidence.
Interesting fact about me: I once danced on stage with Elton John!
Interesting fact about my experience in Ghana: Over the past 3 and a bit months I've been here, I've been to hospital 21 times so far! (Don't worry, not all for myself!)


Name: Braimah Abdul Latif [Team Leader]
Age: 28
Why ICS: I studied development as my profession and ICS gives me the opportunity to build and provide services to the life of humanity, especially the Girl child. ICS has given me the opporutnity to create positive impact to the life of rural girls. It has also created an enabling enviroment to interact with people from different soci-economic backgrounds, age, culture, education. Through ICS I have learnt more on the roles of NGOs in development.
Interesting fact about me: Always want to help people out of their troubles.
Interesting fact about my experience in Ghana: Ghana is a lovely place to be especially the low cost of products. The culture of Ghanaians welcomes everyone and they are such interactive people.

Name: Beth Moore (maneater, pod, bush girl). 
Age: 24
Why ICS: I did ICS because i wanted to experience the countries that I had been learning about for four years of my degree. Actually being in Africa is insane and makes me realise that much of what I was taught is based on western ideas of development, and isn't as heavily based on truth as made out.
Interesting fact about me: I was a Samaritan volunteer for two years.
Interesting fact about my experience in Ghana:I received my first marriage proposal yesterday. I declined...I am already betrothed to the chief of Tamale.

Name: Samuel Boateng Osei
Age: 23
Why ICS: I am a proud sanguine who rather gains energy and joy by helping others especially the less privileged. I have been volunteering with various organisations for a period of 5 years. I decided to join the ICS programme for two major reasons; firstly, to be given a higher platform to impact the lives of others and secondly to experience the multicultural teamwork which i am already enjoying.
Interesting fact: I just comfirmed yesterday that i have taken 3465 pictures from the beginning of the year till now!
Interesting fact about about my experience in Ghana: I hit my host mum's hand unintentionally whilst pounding fufu last Sunday (the impact wasn't that great though) - i'm so sorry mum! 

Name: Vikki Stafford
Age: 21
Why ICS: I have always wanted to volunteer abroad and ICS provided me that opportunity. Also the projects that ICS support appealed to me as i am interested in promoting the rights within disadvantaged groups.
Interesting fact about me: I am a twin, non identical.
Interesting fact about my experience in Ghana: I have broken down in 2 taxis since being in Ghana, both times during torrential rain!

Name: Enning Kotork Louis
Age: 24
Why ICS: 'If you educate a man you simply educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a whole nation' - Dr Kwagyir Aggrey. ICS through ABC Create Change is the right platform for me to be part of this Nation Building Process. #amforgirlchild.
Interesting fact: I once collapsed at the labour ward, that was my first experience of the birth process as a student nurse.
Interesting fact about my experience in Ghana: The father is always right. 


Name: Farida Nurbhai
Age: 22
Why ICS: I have always been an advocate of gender empowerment and I love working with kids. ICS gives me the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into economic development and use the modules I studied at SOAS such as Gender Economics and African Development into practical use. I am excited to be part of such an amazing organisation - ABC Create Change.
Interesting fact about me: I am extremely double jointed.
Interesting fact about my experience in Ghana: My first time hand washing clothes has resulted in my having multicoloured clothes for the rest of the placement. (Tip: Dont soak all your clothes together in one bucket over night!)


Name: Alhassan Washiru
Age: 22
Why ICS: I have been volunteering with 'School for Life' for some time now and i am so much passionate about helping people out of the problems. I see ICS in partnership with Create Change Organisation to be the correct place to help young girls change their world.
Interesting fact about me: I have a great sense of humour.
Interesting fact about my experience in Ghana: Ghanaians love foreigners and give them the maximum respect. 

Name: Jack Westcott
Age: 18
Why ICS: From a very young age, I have always been highly optimistic about helping others in need, this incudes the elderly and the young alike. When I heard about ICS through Facebook, I was straight onto the application form which has begun this journey. I hope that I will be able to give both my time and my effort to those that require more than myself, I feel that it is more of a responsibility to take care of the less fortunate.
Interesting fact about me: I am an INTJ
Interesting fact about my experience in Ghana: I have been to hospital and diagnosed with Malaria which I then went on to find out I had Gastroenteritis instead.


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